Vinyasa – Lats & Serratus Anterior Awareness/Engagement

This class is focused on bringing awareness to the lats and serratus anterior to bring stability and support to the shoulders & shoulder girdle. Whether our arms are extended overhead or in fully loaded postures like plank, crow, handstand, etc. we need to be more aware and engaged with our lats and serratus to bring these big power muscles into play.

Props Needed: 2 Blocks, 1 Strap

Activating What We’re Stretching – Vinyasa Flow

No more passively stretching in vinyasa as our default. We need to activate the muscles that we are stretching to prevent injury but increase overall health of our body and a more functional, healthy, stronger range of motion. In this class we explore ways to activate the muscles that we are trying to stretch. No you will not become less flexible by becoming stronger.

Props Needed: 2 Blocks, 1 Strap

Shoulder Opening & Strengthening Flow

This vinyasa class is designed around opening up the fronts of the shoulders & pectoral muscles as well as strengthening the back and sides of the shoulders, especially between the shoulder blades to combat all of the rounding forward and looking down that we do with our smartphones. By opening the fronts of the shoulders & chest and strengthening the back body, we work on eliminating the rounding forward of the shoulders and repositioning the neck within the shoulders.

Props Needed: 2 Blocks, 1 Strap

Using Non-Handstand Poses to Refine Handstand Flow

This vinyasa yoga class is sequenced around strengthening/building your handstand foundation, alignment of the handstand & what muscles to activate and how to fire them up. We will be using non-handstand poses and core activation throughout the class to create more body awareness and control to find more success upside down. Don’t worry, there will be plenty of opportunities to handstand.

Q+A – Warrior 1, Props for Home Practice & the Vagina Monologues

In this podcast we answer questions that relate to warrior 1 & moon pose alignment, koundinyasana and koundinyasana transitions, tips & props for gaining more flexibility in your shoulders, hamstrings & backbends that you can do and use at home. We also have a topic that is rarely discussed but we feel needs to be brought out into the open because it is very common, it’s completely natural and it’s not a big deal.

Podcast Links to Videos

» Tips & Props for Home Practice

» Side crow to Koundinyasana A to Koundinyasana B

Twisty Vinyasa

In this 60 minute Vinyasa class with Tate, we are focusing on twisting of the spine. It is important when you twist, that you twist with a long straight spine. To prevent injuries, you are going to want use your core, obliques & lats to twist the ribs rather than using leverage of bone to bone contact or any other methods of leverage.

Props Needed: 2 Blocks, 1 Yoga Strap (strap optional)

Show Notes/Video Links:

» Tripod Headstand to Side Crow Transition

Back Body Strengthening with Tate

As power vinyasa yogis, we are constantly forward folding and using our push muscles (think chaturanga!) in our yoga practice & daily lives. We don’t spend nearly as much time strengthening the back body creating a large muscle imbalance between the front and back body. This 60 minute power vinyasa class is designed to activate and strengthen the back body to minimize the muscle imbalance and to help prevent future injury.


Props Needed: 2 Blocks, Yoga Strap