Rebecca Pitzer

Life is a journey of inquiry; of stepping out of the known and into the unknown…but most importantly it’s a journey of discovery within ourselves.

My yoga journey began in college, with a basic yoga class at the local YMCA. This planted the seed of inquiry deep in my soul to discover who I really was, not just the ‘titles’ I lived by. My journey took me through years of hot hatha yoga, power vinyasa, yin, fusion, kundalini, and the list goes on. I’ve dipped my toes in so many different kinds of yoga because I’m forever a student of the practice. I believe it’s important to constantly challenge my students and myself and discover new ways of creating a connection with something bigger than myself. The yoga I practice the most and love to teach is vinyasa. My style is creative, challenging and allows the space for students to discover the power within themselves.

I’ve been through much training, with various teachers of different styles. I currently hold an E200 RYT certificate, although I’m almost finished with my 500hr. I LOVE training new teachers and hold a 200hr teacher training program once a year.

A few added perks of this passion!! I’m an ambassador for Bloom & Give, a company who hand-crafts scarves and bags and donates 50% of their profit to send girls back to school in India. Check out their website and use code REBECCA for $15 off your purchase of $50 of more.

I’m also a “Luminary” for Inner Fire, a local yoga clothing company that crafts leggings from recycled water bottles. Use code RebeccaP for 15% off your purchase.