Tate Englund

Being a lifelong athlete, playing basketball, football, and soccer competitively, Tate decided to give yoga a try after reading an article in September of 2013 about how his Seahawks were doing yoga as a way to improve their performance as well as a way to help prevent injury.

From the very first yoga class he took, he was hooked and never looked back. From barely being able to touch his toes to being able to lift up into handstand, the yoga journey has truly transformed his life. He gives all credit to the growth both physically and mentally he has had to his yoga teachers that he has had along the way. The challenges, inspiration, techniques and knowledge these amazing mentors have given him have been life altering.

Wanting to further deepen his personal practice, Tate decided to enroll in Discover Within Yoga’s 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training with Rebecca Pitzer. Upon completion, not only had his personal practice grown significantly, but his desire to teach and impact others the way his teachers have for him really started burning. Tate loves seeing the power yoga can bring for people both on and off the matt.

Tate is a RYT 200 with Yoga Alliance.