Find Your Fuel Formula

As women we are constantly pouring out our energy to support all that we hold important… as mothers, wives, daughters, friends, in home life, work life, and in our communities. We do this with love and passion. But how do you avoid being depleted, drained, and overwhelmed? How are you Fueling yourself so that you can show up as the most awesome version of you in all your roles? What is your Essential Fuel?
We each have our own personal Fuel Formula™, those elements that are essential in our lives. When you spend time to understand what Fuels you… BODY MIND YOU, you’ll know how to stay fully Fueled AND how to correct when you’re feeling off course.
In this this lively, interactive presentation Amy Gorey will inspire you to understand the importance of knowing your Fuel Formula™ and using it to keep yourself feeling energized, engaged and empowered.
As a participant you will…
  • Learn a simple nutrition formula to keep your physical self energized optimized
  • Commit to an efficient exercise program that is easily woven into your lifestyle
  • Identify what you need more and less of in your life to keep you feeling Fueled
  • Discover how to identify where you are depleted and ways to replenish
  • Create a self-care plan that supports the vision you have for yourself and your awesome life!

Ideal Audience: Women of all ages

Length: 90 Min
Who Is Amy Gorey:
Amy is a student and community member of Pure 8.. She is a highly sought after certified health and nutrition coach, specializing in simple, sustainable self care methods for women.
Having trudged along the path of an overwhelmed, tired, and cranky mom, Amy set out to find a way to be the best version of herself more often. She found it, and now her contagious energy is inspiring! Amy’s passion lies in teaching you how to find your Fuel Formula™ , starting with your physical self, so you can bring your awesome self to all you do.

Mar. 24th

1:00 – 2:30PM


Find Your Fuel!